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Student-Led Conferences

Student-led conferences are an incredible opportunity for each student to reflect on their learning and share their strengths and stretches with their advisor and family.  Student-led conferences are an empowering alternative to traditional parent-teacher conferences.

Families are required to be present at their child’s Student-Led Conference.  Conferences will take place on Thursday, Oct. 27 and Friday, Oct. 28th between 12:30 and 5:00.  Your child’s advisor should have contacted you about setting up an appointment.

Students have been working diligently to prepare for their student-led conference by reflecting on their schoolwork. Each student examines a variety of best pieces– project and assignments in which they did their best work– and then articulates the strategies they have used to be successful.  Student-Led Conferences are a wonderful opportunity to empower students to take agency over their learning and express to others what it takes for them to be successful.  We look forward to seeing you all next week.


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