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Processing This Week

Parents and Guardians,

At PFFS, we all care very much about your children.  As a result of Tuesday’s election results, we know many of them may be sad, confused, or scared. They are trying to make sense of the adult world, and they have a lot of questions and fears. We have already created safe, welcoming spaces for students to process and share their thoughts and feelings. To be honest, we adults in their community are also feeling our own disequilibrium, and these few days have taken its toll on us, too. We want you to know we do not take the responsibility you have entrusted in us lightly.  We will work through our emotions responsibly and with respectful boundaries while we continue to educate these precious young people about what this world is and what this world can become. We will continue to watch out for them, dialogue with them, hold them, and love them all. We are fully committed to our values of social justice and environmental sustainability. We will continue to make our Paulo Freire Freedom Schools safe places where all people are valued, respected, protected, and engaged. We are grateful to be a part of this incredible, diverse community, and we are thankful for the many ways our students, families, and staff make it stronger.


JoAnn and Chad



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