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Farewell to the ‘Coalition of Essential Schools’

_____0000000014Last week Chad Blair and JoAnn Groh (principals of PFFS-University and PFFS-Downtown) traveled to Providence, RI with Santo Nicotera and Carrie Brennan (CITY Center for Collaborative Learning) to participate in the Coalition of Essential Schools‘ final Fall Forum.  At the conference Chad and JoAnn presented on PFFS’s student support systems, while Santo and Carrie facilitated a workshop on teacher leadership as a catalyst for public school transformation.

All three of our CITY Center schools are ‘essential schools’, founded upon the CES Ten Common Principles articulated by the Coalition.  And the founders of our three schools are proud to be counted among the network of forward thinking, innovative education leaders who have founded CES schools around the country.


John Larmer (BIE)

To learn more about the Coaltion of Essential Schools, visit the CES website and, if you are interested, read this great blog post about the impact of the Coalition on educational reform around the country – Farewell Tribute: The Influence of the Coalition of Essential Schools & Ted Sizer – written by our colleague at BIE, John Larimer.

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