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Pennington Street Showcase!

Next Friday, April 21st is our Pennington Street Showcase.  As previously shared, on Showcase day class will start at 12:00 for middle school students.  Although the Showcase will continue until 7:00, we are only requiring that PFFS students stay until 5:00 p.m.  If having your son/daughter at home until noon on this day, we will have a safe place available (we will probably show a movie that morning).  Just let us know so we can plan accordingly.

The Showcase is our opportunity to highlight and celebrate what our PFFS & CHS students know and can do.  It is a broader and deeper look at students assessment,beyond the narrow band of AZ Merit testing.  We hope you all can attend!

Also, we are seeking parent volunteers who can help us for an hour be parent ambassadors and help with crowd control and site guidance.  Please contact Britta (University) or Steph (Downtown) if you can help!

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