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Human Growth and Development Classes

Next week  we will be teaching classes on Human Growth & Development (traditionally known as “Sex Education”).  In accordance with state law and Paulo Freire Freedom School Governing Board Policy (see below), these classes are opt-in classes, requiring signed parent permission.  With signed permission sixth grade students will be enrolled in Part I and eighth grade students will be enrolled in Part II (unless parents specially request otherwise).  Seventh grade parents may choose which class would be most appropriate for their child.   Classes will be grouped by gender.  Students without permission will be in normal Literacy Block (silent sustained reading).

If you wish to have your son/daughter enrolled in these classes, please sign and return. Permission slip Sex Ed 2017   Hard copies of this permission/opt-in slip already were given to students  to take home.  If you have any questions or concerns, do not hesitate to contact us.

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