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Safe Water at PFFS-U

This past semester The Historic Y, which houses Paulo Freire Freedom School-University, was identified as being a potential risk for poor water quality due to the identification of older water pipes in the neighborhood.

The City of Tucson Water Department contacted Paulo Freire Freedom School – University about testing the water quality in our building in order to ensure our school children have access to safe drinking water.

Paulo Freire Freedom School – University participated in this important screening program, and a screening of water sources at our school was completed. Due to the age and location of the building that houses our school, the water department even sent cameras deep into the pipes that connect the building to the main water lines.

We are pleased to inform you that no contaminants were found in the water at our school or in the connecting pipes.

Paulo Freire Freedom School-Downtown and City High were not identified as schools with any water quality risk and therefore not in need of testing.

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