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Intersession Oct. 2 – Oct. 6

It’s almost Intersession time! Intersession is one of most interesting and engaging weeks of the year, and it is happening again in just a couple of weeks. Intersession is from Monday, Oct. 2nd to Friday, Oct. 6th.

Read the list of PFFS-U Intersession choices here.

Read the list of PFFS-D Intersession choices here.

During this time, students will be immersed in a thematically-designed unit of learning that will allow them to join with community members in exploring the city and their imagination.  

Each staff member who is leading an Intersession will develop their own unique schedule for the week.  This may include long field trips and even overnight excursions.

Intersession groups will be announced early next week.  Once the groups are announced, teachers will be in communication about their schedule and any special instructions for their students.

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