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Place Based Education – Jewish History Museum

Patrick Kelly

“On Friday (1/26/18), Holocaust Remembrance Day, we (the 8th grade class at PFFS-Downtown) visited the Jewish History Museum to hear four Holocaust survivors speak. There was beautiful moment when Juliette, who was sitting directly in front of the table behind which the speakers were sitting, raised her hand to ask a question.

The speakers asked her to stand so they could see her. She stood, and speaking directly to them across the table, thanked them for their stories. She told them that hearing them made her think differently about her own life. It was a profound moment…”

“…On Tuesday (1/30/18) we returned to the museum for a docent tour. As part of that tour I asked several students to read from their recent “Genocide in the 20th Century” essays.  Reading the essays in the museum was a kind of testimony for us, taking our learning outside the classroom and giving it a relevant, solemn context.”  – Patrick Kelly, Humanities Teacher at PFFS-Downtown
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