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Important Information About the Possible Arizona Teacher Walkout on Thursday, April 26th

There is a teacher walkout scheduled for Thursday, April 26th.  The teacher walkout is designed to bring attention to the dire issues of teacher salaries and Arizona educational funding.  78% of teacher votes statewide were in favor of the walkout.

When the walkout happens on Thursday, the three CITY Center for Collaborative Learning schools will be closed for instruction. As part of this Instructional Closure, the downtown campus at 47 E. Pennington will be open to students in need of a safe place and access to breakfast and lunch.  

The Paulo Freire Freedom School-University campus at the Historic Y will be closed during all walkout days.  PFFSU students, along with PFFSD and CHS students, will have access to the 47 E. Pennington campus during the Instructional Closure.

During the Instructional Closure, because most of the staff will be participating in the walkout, there will be limited adult supervision.  Instructional Closure supervision will be provided from 8:30 – 3:30.

So, in planning for this event, we would like you to know the following:

  • Please keep your young person safe at home during the walkout if at all possible.
  • If you need to bring your student to school, please plan on these hours of attendance. Middle-school students will not be dismissed early without parent permission.
  • If you are able to volunteer time to help with supervision, or know someone who would be able to help, please let us know.
  • We will provide breakfast and lunch at the 47 E. Pennington campus during Instructional Closing through the federal school lunch program and donations. Students may bring a sack lunch if they prefer. If you can afford to send your student with a donation for the meals, it would be appreciated.
  • The activities of the day will NOT be the regular instructional program; instead, they will be comprised of easy to supervise activities such as videos, appropriate computer use, reading, writing, or drawing.
  • Instructional days that are missed, by statute, will have to be made up at the end of the year
  • If the walkout continues for multiple days, you can expect daily communication and updates.
  • CITY Center for Collaborative Learning will continue to develop specifics for how to best handle the situation for students, families, and staff members.

We understand a walkout will likely cause a disruption to students and their families.  We encourage you to share your opinions with your legislatures and voice support for public education.

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