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“Exist” A multigenre telling of the universe

Cirque Roots presents Exist: Messengers of the Cosmos

Paulo Freire Freedom School families may use the online code starfamily to receive a discount on tickets. Contact Chad if you would like to request free tickets, as scholarships are available to students and families who cannot afford the ticket price.
Here is how Exist co-creator and PFFSU parent Natalie Brewster Nguyen describes this amazing piece:
I’ve been working on this thing called EXIST for about a year now.  I learned about astronomy, dove deep into research- history, mythology, female astronomers, probabilities, evolution, and more.  I relearned things I had forgotten about DNA, the big bang, and prokaryotic organisms.  I learned about new things- like water bears, halophiles, and the idea of a silicon-based life form.  I found, as with most everything, that the history of astronomy and the universe cannot be separated from the legacy of colonization and inequality.  So, as usual, I felt compelled to tell these stories side by side.  I co-wrote the narrative with a genuine astronomer, the amazing Stephanie Cortes.  It was a joy.  She gave scientific framework, textual ideas, and structure, and then I turned it into poetry, narrative, and storytelling.  I can’t tell you how much amazing material and information ended up on the cutting room floor.  It has been a rich process of invention and synthesis.
I am so excited to share this work with you.  There will be LED suits.  There will be aerial.  There will be original electronic music.  There will be a special LIVE performance by The Sinners.  There will be dancing and hula hoops and stilts and video projection and there will be so much heart and commitment and excitement.
For More Information, Showtimes, and Tickets:
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