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Intersession Time!

This week we are sharing our exciting Intersession options. (Downtown on Monday; University on Wednesday) They are all fabulous!  Please take some time to review with your young person and fill out the choices sheet.  We work hard to giving students one of their top 3 choices – trust us there are a lot of factors going into the groupings.

In the weeks that lead up to Intersession, our classes are busy working on their final exhibitions of learning.  It is important that everyone keeps up with their work.  For those that fall behind, we will use some of the Intersession time for students to complete their projects/missing assignment with one on one support.  While this option is useful, we would prefer to have all of our students experience all of their Intersessions, so please encourage them to keep up with their work!

Finally these terrific, and unique experiences cost money.  We are only able to offer them because of our parent Tax Credit support.  If you haven’t yet contributed, please do.  If you know a neighbor, relative or friend that might also be willing to donate, we would love their support as well!  Tax Credit Support

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