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Eighth-grade Portfolio, Gateway, and Service Learning Requirement

Families are invited to attend a presentation and discussion of the eighth-grade portfolio, Gateway, and service learning requirements on Tuesday, Oct. 23rd, from 5:30 – 6:30.

Two discussions will take place that evening– one at PFFSD, which will be hosted by PFFSD Principal JoAnn Groh, and the other at PFFSU, which will be hosted by PFFSU Principal Chad Blair.  Please attend the event at the school your student attends.

In order to graduate from Paulo Freire Freedom School, each eighth grader must complete a rigorous portfolio of reflective essays, complete a Gateway presentation where they showcase their learning and their growth, and complete twenty hours of service learning.  This is a powerful part of the eighth-grade experience, and one that sets up each of our graduates for success in high school and beyond.  These discussions will be an opportunity to clarify the process, provide some useful strategies, and respond to any questions you might have.  The event is designed for eighth-grade parents, but all area welcome to attend.


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