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Halloween Celebration and Costume Guidelines

Halloween is a fun day at PFFS.  Both campuses will have a Halloween celebration at the end of the day.  In order for the rest of the day to be safe and engaging, we have the following guidelines in place for Halloween:

-Students may choose to wear a costume to school, may choose to change into their costume, or students may choose not to wear a costume.

-Students may not wear a mask or any other face/head covering during class or lunch, even if it is part of their costume.  Students may change into their mask for the costume contest at the end of the day.

-No guns or knives will be allowed as part of a costume at any time.  Please leave all gun and knife props at home.

-No props will be allowed in class or at lunch.  Props can be left in the office until it is time for the costume contest.

-As always, no drug, alcohol, or hate references will be allowed.

-As always, be sensitive to other cultures, races, religions, and views of other people.  Halloween does not make cultural appropriation excusable.

-Do not send your student with candy to distribute.  We will have candy to distribute at the end of the day.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding your student’s Halloween costume.

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