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Student-led Conferences

A big thank you to all of our students for their hard work and perseverance creating and presenting their student-led conferences.  The conferences were terrific as always, with students using the Habits of Heart and Mind as a framework for thinking about their strengths and stretches and their personal, social, and academic growth.  Our students showed us they are capable of high level reflection, and they presented their learning in rigorous and powerful ways.

Huge kudos to all families and community partners for showing up and attending the student-led conferences.  The wisdom, support, and love you give our learners is incredible.  We are really fortunate to have such an engaged and supportive community.

Student-led conferences are imbedded into our advisory program.  Students reflected and created their presentations under the mentorship of their advisor.  Our advisory program is the foundation of everything we do here at Paulo Freire, and we are so thankful to have such dedicated, kind, brilliant advisors who connect with and guide all of our students in personal and meaningful ways.

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