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Project Based Learning Workshop

One of the benefits of being part of the City Center for Collaborative Learning family is that in addition to having three terrific small schools that work together to provide powerful and innovative programming for our kids, our teachers have the opportunity to learn from a variety of professional development experiences offered by our professional learning center.  

Over Rodeo Break, we will be offering a 3 day workshop on project-based learning.  Teachers from our schools as well as throughout Southern Arizona (and it is rumored that educators are coming from as far away as Chicago) will have the opportunity to hone their PBL skills and network with each other.

On Wednesday, teachers will engage in Project Based Learning with an immersive learning experience at PFFS-Downtown, on Thursday, they will experience what it is like to experience their own project, and on Friday different PBL frameworks will be examined.  If you know an educator who might be interested in attending one or more of these days go to PBL Workshop.

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