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National School Lunch Program

The National School Lunch Program is a big hit at the Paulo Freire Freedom School -University campus.  Students have been enjoying delicious lunches every day since the start of the semester.  Students are able to choose from a meat or vegetarian entree each day or they may select a sub sandwich.  They also receive fruit, vegetables, and milk.  Entrees have included pizza, nachos, fish tacos, pasta, hamburgers, burritos, and more.

We are very happy to introduce Natalie Watson as our new lunch server.  Natalie is at PFFSU every day serving lunch and overseeing the recycling and composting program.  Since instituting the school lunch program, PFFSU has seen a decrease in trash and an increase in recycling and composting!

Please contact the office manager if you have any questions about qualifying for free or reduced lunch, ordering school lunch, or paying your lunch balance.

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