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Fall Intersession

PFFSU students explore and analyze zoos and animal enclosures as part of their Intersession

Both Paulo Freire Schools are having their fall Intersession from Monday, September 30 – Friday, October 4th. During this week, students will be participating in an immersive learning experience of their choice.

Most Intersessions will follow a regular school day schedule; however, there are some Intersession groups that will have overnight events or special schedules. You will be receiving an email from your student’s Intersession leader soon with a complete schedule and additional details. All students will be dismissed at noon on Friday, Oct. 4th.

Many Intersession groups depend on parent drivers for transportation. If you are able to drive, please let your Intersession leader know.

Intersession, along with many of our amazing programs, is dependent on the travel and activity fee and tax credit contributions from families and members of our community. If you haven’t paid your student’s travel and activity fee, please do so this week. Partial payments are accepted. You may make a full or partial payment here.

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