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Intersession Week: Special Schedule

It is once again time for Intersession Week! During Intersession, students will be engaged in real-world, experiential learning both in and out of the school. PFFS student will be studying marine biology, going camping, learning self care, creating activist art, designing fashion, exploring the world of food trucks and much more.

During Intersession Week, the school schedule is modified. There will be no early dismissal on Wednesday, March 11th. Instead, students will be released at 3:30 that day. However, there will be a noon dismissal on Friday, March 13th.

Some Intersession schedules are modified even further to accommodate various trips and activities. Please check with your student’s Intersession teacher for details.

Many Intersessions are reliant on parent drivers. Please contact your student’s Intersession teacher if you are able to drive on any day next week.

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