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Free Food Distribution for All CITY Center Families

CCCL Food Distribution Plan

Starting on Monday, March 23rd, CITY Center for Collaborative Learning will be distributing free food to families.  Seth and Chuy have developed a thoughtful and convenient plan for distributing food every day during the school closure. 

There are additional food distribution centers around town, so if our location is not convenient for your family, you may go to one of the other food distribution sites listed in THIS ARTICLE.

Here are details about the CCCL food distribution plan

• Bagged breakfasts and lunches will be handed out together daily between 8am and 10am Monday – Friday throughout the school closure.

• Weekly Forms will be sent out that will ask families what meals they will need to pick up each day that week. Parents should watch for the subject line: “School Closure Food Order” in their email to place their orders. It is important that we get responses to this, as it will ensure we do not run out of food. Please use this CCCL Food Google Form Link to let us know if you’ll be picking up food.

CCCL Free Food Distribution Map

• Food distribution will take place from the Paulo Freire Freedom School – University campus. Enter the alley (N Herbert Ave.) directly east of the school from University Blvd. See the map below for details.

• Parents/guardians should should stay in their cars and be ready with student’s/students’ last name, number of breakfasts, and number of lunches they’ll need.

• Families do not need to worry about any financial transactions – if they need food for their children or additional adults, they should come.

• If families are unable to get to our school during those distribution hours, they should email Seth (Seth at CITYCCL dot org) AND Chuy (JesusM at CITYCCL dot org). Please also be in contact with your student’s advisor if you need additional supports.

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