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All Arizona Schools Closed Through the End of This School Year

On Monday, the governor and the superintendent announced that all Arizona schools will be closed through the end of this school year.  This decision was made to ensure the safety and well being of our students, staff, families, and communities both near and far.  Both Paulo Freire schools will continue with our remote learning plan through May 22nd, and City High School will continue through May 27th- our last school calendar days.  The governor also announced there will be no added days into the summer and that all standardized testing will be cancelled this spring.  

For us, this means all overnight trips, expeditions, and events are cancelled.  The school closure particularly affects our eighth and twelfth-grade students and their graduation ceremonies.  We are thinking through a variety of creative ways to honor and celebrate this important achievement.  

We are all so grateful for the dedication and commitment of every staff member in our schools in making sure each and every one of our students is safe, feels connected, and has the resources they need.  Every advisor has maintained a powerful connection to their advisees and will continue to monitor and support both their academic and, more importantly, their physical, social, and emotional well being.  The quality of interpersonal relationships and personalized education is what sets CCCL schools apart from others.  Never has this work been more important than now as we navigate through this crisis together.  So a huge shout out to our kind, compassionate, patient, brilliant advisors who are doing the difficult and necessary foundational work of keeping students connected and engaged.

Our food service program is ongoing.  We are still serving take out breakfast and lunches from 8-10 every weekday morning at 300 E. University Blvd.  There is no longer a need to sign up or reserve meals.   Simply show up and grab what you need for your family.  

Last week we distributed around a hundred Chromebooks to students who needed them.  We also worked with many families to get them connected to free internet.  Both the food and the technology outreach efforts have been lead by Seth. Seth and a selfless team of Chuy, Susan, Araceli, Becca, and Jean have done an incredible job of supporting students, families and community partners with food, technology, and other necessary resources and supports so they have what more of what is needed to be healthy and engaged.  

We kicked off our remote learning program this week with a modified online curriculum designed to teach, inspire, and support all of our students.  We realize every student and every household is in a different space and has different needs, so our programs will continue to be flexible and prioritize relationships first.  These are stressful and traumatic times; our goal is to provide structure and engagement to our students without adding unnecessary anxiety on our students or our families.  Our teachers and advisors will continue to listen to student and family input and make changes as necessary to ensure the learning is relevant and engaging without being overwhelming.  We will also continue to add elective opportunities and other ways students can connect and learn together in creative and fun ways.

Please reach out to your student’s advisor if your student or your family needs anything.  We will continue to do everything we can to support you.  This crisis is more likely to get worse before it gets better, but we are a strong community full of amazing people. I am so appreciative of all the ways students, parents, and staff have stepped up to support others in brave and kind ways.    

Thank you for everything you’re doing right now.  Be safe and take good care of yourself, your family, and your community.

We miss you!

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