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Principals’ Corner

We are grateful for the positive notes and comments that we’ve received from families via emails and during the weekly Parent Check-in on Wednesdays and Fridays. Remote learning protocols, schedules, and technology continue to present challenges for all of us. Our partnership with families is vital to making this year a successful experiment in what learning and growth can look like even in a time of crisis. Your continued trust and support are appreciated.

As we continue to problem-solve issues in our daily routines and procedures, we are also looking at how to foster a sense of commitment from students. The unusual configuration of the school day has disoriented many learners, and some are having trouble sorting out what is required. Below are some guidelines that we hope will provide clarity.

The Weekly Assignment Sheet

Required independent work will appear on the Weekly assignment sheet that will be shared with parents and students each Monday; it will also be posted here on the website. Please check the sheet so that you can assist us in helping your child engage and complete independent learning assignments.

Asynchronous/Independent Learning (homework) 

Last week, teachers introduced their “asynchronous” or independent studies for learners in their classes. Requirements during the launch were minimal, as we tried to ensure that all students had access to and were able to navigate various digital platforms. There will be some independent work in every class each week. 

Home Learning Environment

Some students have been attending classes from their beds. We worry about how this impacts attention, attitude, and moral. 

This week, we would like for you to help your child choose or create a learning space at home. This space should be as free of distractions as possible, and there should be room for any learning materials they might need. We know that conditions at home are different for every family and ask that you do your best to help your child fully engage and support the engagement of others. 

Required Office Hours Check-in

One of the challenges that remote learning presents for teachers and learners is a diminished ability to follow-up and clarify when things are confusing. There’s a lot of room for miscommunication. 

We are doing everything possible to stay connected with students and families so that every child has a clear understanding of content and has access to the supports they need. Office hours and one-on-one sessions are a vital component of that support. All students will be required to attend at least one office hour session for each of their classes, beginning this week.

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