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Enrollment Available at City High School

City High’s Award-Winning Radio Stories Program

City High School is accepting enrollment for available spots this fall. You may complete an enrollment form for City High School here.

City High School is an award-winning small high school that focuses on engaging, authentic, personalized learning with a focus on relationships and an understanding of place. Learn more about City High School’s programs, mission, and success stories.

Art, music, theater, podcasting, gardening, biking, and other elective options compliment thoughtfully designed core classes to create a well-rounded education which prepares all students not only for college, community engagement, and leadership roles, but to be their best self.

At City High, each student is known well, is challenged to engage in real-world learning, is encouraged to develop their voice, and is celebrated for their unique contributions to our learning communities. Complete an enrollment form if you are interested in joining our school.

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