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Thank you for choosing to spend another year as part of our learning community. We know that there are many questions about the coming school year and have attempted to answer some of the more pressing questions in the information provided below. 

Our team looks forward to providing your children with dynamic, culturally responsive learning experiences that challenge them to strive, stretch, and grow into incredibly empowered members of an interconnected world. Here’s to embracing with grace, all that awaits us in the 2021-22 school year!

New Staff

There are a number of new faces on the team this year. We have a new Spanish Teacher, Amanda Mojarro, a new Humanities Education Assistant, Zophia McDougal, and a new Math/Science teacher, Alex Kemp. Karen Yrigoyen will be serving as the Math EA, teaching Spanish, and covering Afterschool.  Return to in-person learningWe are planning for a mostly in-person learning experience this year. The recent passage of HB 2862 [See attachments] permits schools to provide remote learning options if these choices support student’s academic success. The emphasis of the new legislation is on providing multiple possibilities for students to engage successfully in their learning. We will be offering limited remote-learning on Fridays for students who demonstrate the ability to successfully complete assignments independently with minimal teacher supervision.
School Calendar 2021-22

Health & Safety: Arizona schools are currently prohibited from requiring masks or Covid-19 vaccinations for in-person staff or students [see EO 2021-09 in resources section]. While we are hopeful that Covid infection rates will continue to decline in our region, Delta variant infections are rising in parts of the country. Staff, students, and families are strongly encouraged to mask when at school.

School SuppliesStudents will be provided with basic school supplies, including pencils, highlighters, composition pads, rulers, and planners. These materials will be for their individual use and will not be shared with classmates.

AfterschoolPFFSU will continue to provide after school care every day except Wednesdays. If you wish to register for afterschool, please contact our esteemed Office Manager, Araceli Montano. We are awaiting information regarding funding for this year. We will let you know as soon as possible whether there will be any changes in rates. Thanks for your patience.

School Tour & Parent Q & AWe have another tour scheduled for Tuesday, July 27th at 6pm. Families are invited to join us for a walk through the school and a brief Q & A. This is also an opportunity for families to drop off enrollment packets, supporting documents (I can make copies), make payments, or anything else you still have to turn in.Carman and Lin will also be scheduling a 
Zoom Q & A on Monday, August 2 at 5 PM.

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