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World of Words: A PFFSU Expedition

Adventures in place-based learning. By Tadeo Pfister.

PFFS-U’s Expedition program provides learners, teachers and
parent chaperones with exciting opportunities to engage the
community and the natural world around us. Through this
engagement, our learners develop leadership and outdoor
education skills that will serve them in the future. We will be
expanding our leadership and outdoor education program during
the course of this school year thanks in part to the support of
private donors and a grant from the Arizona Department of Game
and Fish.

The Expedition program completed its first cycle of the 2021-22
school year on Wednesday. All grade levels having now visited the
World of Words Children’s Library (WOW) at the University of
Arizona. WOW is the 2nd largest children’s library in the world.
Here’s what some of the kids had to say about the experience:

“We had to draw the mind of a character or ourselves. I drew my
own mind. I learned that I think about my future too much and that
I shouldn’t worry about it and just try to enjoy my life right now.”

“There was a room that had maps from different fictional books
on the wall. We had to find the books that the maps came from. I
thought that was cool.” [Jackson]

“I liked that at the end there was quiet reading time, because I like
quiet.” [Joseph]

Middle School Ambassador Reading Program

“WOW Middle School Reading Ambassadors interact with
published authors of young adult literature, receive books by that
author and share their experience with their peers to promote
reading in their school communities. This initiative is administered
by WOW in the University of Arizona College of Education. For
more information, visit WOW’s ambassador page.
Application deadline is approaching!

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