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Student Demonstrations of Learning: Family Histories

On Thursday, September 30th, PFFSU will host a two-part exhibition of student learning focused on family history and stories from 5:40 – 8:00 pm at our downtown space located at 37 E. Pennington.

Here is how the students describe their work:

“Beauty is everywhere, it just takes the right angle to see it. In the Humanities 6-8 fall unit, students show the world what their families look like and how they stand out!

In the first part, we interviewed a family member and discovered their stories and their pasts. We were put in their shoes and learned what their lives were like when they were kids, and we compared their lives to our lives now. In the second part, we created photo essays. Through taking photos, we show a sneak peek into our chaotic, strange, wholesome, and quotidian family lives.”

Admission will be in rolling 20 minute intervals of 8-10 people in order to maintain social distancing.

Please RSVP to Adrian or Lin to reserve a time slot.

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