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TRANCEfigurations: A Butoh Meditation in Tucson’s Yume Japanese Gardens

COMING: TRANCEfigurations: A Butoh Meditation 

Yume Japanese Gardens is proud to present, TRANCEfigurations, a meditative Butoh experience presented by Funhouse movement theater on November 11-13, 2021 from 6:15pm to 8:30pm. Directed by Lin Lucas and featuring, Sherry Mulholland, Margaret Evans, Sabrina Geoffrion, Karenne Koo, Keita Tsutsumi, and Lin Lucas. Poetry by Araceli Montano, Taylor Johnson, Angelique Galaz with musical soundscape by Calm Whale. 

Visitors to this unique performance will encounter dancers dispersed throughout the refined splendor of the gardens, each engaged in improvisational communion with the sights, sounds, and sensations of the natural environment. Feel the wonder.

A contemporary, avant-garde performance art, Butoh is the product of the tumultuous, post-war Japanese experience. A seamless blend of dance, theater, improvisation, German Expressionist dance, and traditional Japanese performing arts, Butoh compels both performers and spectators to investigate primal ideas, emotions, and energies bringing the collective unconscious into the light. 

The participation in this event will be scheduled in increments of 1 hour per time slot (6:15pm-7:15pm OR 7:30pm-8:30pm) to guarantee social distancing to our visitors. This is a limited admission event.

For more information, visit or email Patricia Deridder at

Yume sets capacity limits to safeguard visitors and staff and observes Arizona Department of Health Services guidelines for COVID-19 management. Timed admission tickets, purchased online, are required for entry; physical distancing and facial coverings are also required, in all indoor and outdoor spaces.

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