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Rebel Shift Childhood Parenting Workshop Series

Emily McCrea, a long-time educator, parenting coach, CITY Center collaborator, and PFFSU parent, is facilitating two really important, helpful, compassionate, and transformational parenting workshops.

Transform Childhood is an online, drop in series of conversations around the confusing, concerning, and sometimes frustrating behaviors of young people. There is a new topic each week. Emily’s approach is that behaviors are the communication of an unmet need, so instead of only addressing the behavior, conscious parenting seeks to meet the unmet need of the child.

The next session is focused on manners and respect.

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Parents of Rainbow Youth Series

Rebel Shift Childhood is teaming up with Radical Path Counseling to offer a four week support group for parents of LGBTQ children and teens. The group will include psycho-education about gender and sexuality, an exploration of how our family of origin impacts our emotional regulation, the ways we communicate, and our attitudes about gender and sexuality. This group will provide resources and tools to move forward with a more grounded and

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