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It is Not Too Late to Support Our Programs with a Tax Credit Contribution

Students learn glass blowing techniques during Intersession

The state of Arizona allows families to direct two hundred dollars per individual tax return or four hundred dollars for couples filing jointly to a public school to support that school with extra curricular activities, social-emotional supports, and personalized learning opportunities. Tax credit contributions to schools are fully refundable.

If you have not yet directed your tax credit contribution to Paulo Freire Freedom School, we ask that you do so today. Tax credits support the amazing Intersession programs, advisory opportunities, expeditions, social-emotional supports, and other engaging programs that provide authentic, hands-on, real world connections which transform our students.

You may contribute your tax credit contribution here.

If you have already contributed your tax credit, we thank you. We also invite you to reach out to your family, neighbors, colleagues, and friends to encourage them to direct their tax credit to our schools. We are dependent on these tax credit funds to sustain our high level of amazing programs for students. Thank you all for your generosity and support.

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