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Intentional Childhood Four Week Summer Parenting Series

Are you a parent or caregiver wondering how to strengthen your relationships and foster better communication and cooperation with your children?  Parenting is hard!  Let’s work together to shift the paradigm of what effective parenting looks like and create healthier and stronger relationships with your children.  Cathexis is partnering with Emily McCrea, Rebel Shift Childhood founder and self-proclaimed “former wild-child,” to offer an Intentional Childhood Summer Series.  In this 4-week series, you will learn how to foster cooperation and collaboration with your child without control, how to set healthy boundaries and work through hard times with your child, how to build strong and sustainable relationships, and so much more.  Emily is a long time progressive educator, coach, and consultant.  She has dedicated her life to working with parents, educators, and organizations to offer dynamic training around trauma, stress, healthy relationships, and communication. 

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