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Spring Intersession 2014 – In The Bag

This semester I got to be the responsible adult holding down the fort at the school watching the comings and goings during Intersession. It was fun to catch snippets of conversations and the enthusiastic, often exhausted, reporting out by student and teacher alike.  Here is a sample: Rosemary being enormously proud to see her kids… Read more »

Intersession Presentations at Kiva

As always our Intersession groups will be giving presentations about their experiences the week after Spring Break during Kiva (from 8:30-8:50).  Here is the schedule for these presentations: Prescott 2.0 – Monday, March 24 Strong Girls – Tuesday, March 25 Two Wheels – Wednesday, March 26 Peeps – Thursday, March 27 Athletic Mind – Friday,… Read more »

The Other Side of Intersession

In the Fall I wrote the praises of Intersession – why we do it, the amazing sites, quotes, experiences, memories that come with it.  Today, surrounded by sounds from Chicks  and Cops, I’m tempted to write another blog (I even came up with a title, “Death of a Peep”).  But I thought instead I would… Read more »

Brazilians visit Paulo Freire

Brazilian Teachers Tour PFFS – Feb. 19  Every year I hear this statement in some form or another, “Paulo Freire.  I studied him in grad school.”  For those who don’t know, Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator who worked with adult literacy and who wrote extensively about education.  In his most famous treatise, Pedagogy of… Read more »

The Importance of Sleep

In honor of Dr. Suess’ birthday and sleep in general, we read “The Sleep Book” in Literacy and had a little time for napping.  Additionally, in Kiva we watched part of a Ted Talk on what neuroscience tells us about sleep and the brain.  Tomorrow we will finish the video and discuss strategies to help… Read more »

Titan Missile Center

Our 8th graders’ visit to the Titan Missile Center on Monday (3/3) was directly connected to the Cold War unit they are studying in Humanities and reviewed physics and chemistry content they had learned earlier in the year. For those who have not yet toured the site, which is located in Sahuarita, the silo became… Read more »

Titan Missile Center – Monday, March 3

On Monday the 8th graders will be going to the Titan Missile Center located in Green Valley.  It promises to be a fantastic expedition, directly related to what they are learning in their Cold War Unit in Humanities.  We will be leaving from the school PROMPTLY at 8:30 so please make sure they are on… Read more »

Students Making Meaning

On Monday 2/17 my 8th grade Humanities class discussed the actions of the EXCOMM, President Kennedy’s elite circle of advisors during the Cuban Missile Crisis and reflected on how scary groupthink can be and how almost juvenile some of the advisors were acting.  In the middle of the conversation, one of my 8th graders had an… Read more »

P.E. = Sneakers & Water Bottles

Now that the weather is getting warmer, a gentle reminder to have your young person always wear closed-toe shoes on Fridays for PE and Expeditions, on Wednesdays for Active Lunch, and on days when they have a PE Elective.  EVERYDAY  they must bring to school a water bottle (we have water bottles here on sale… Read more »