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Teaching the Skills Kids Need – Using PBL*

Eighth grader Maya peered through the window into the chaos that was 6th graders pulling together their Space & Scale Exhibition and shuddered. “I remember doing that when I was a 6th grader and not having a clue about what I was doing.  I wasted so much time looking up information that was irrelevant.  I didn’t… Read more »

Got MLTS! So What’s Next?*

‘Most Likely to Succeed’ Seen by 200+ In Tucson On October 17th, Tucson-based CITY Center for Collaborative Learning and The Loft Cinema presented the documentary film, Most Likely to Succeed with support from CommunityShare, EdLeader21, Tucson Values Teachers, and the UA College of Education.  The screening was followed by a panel discussion that included Valerie Greenhill (EdLeader21 President & Co-Founder), Steve Holmes (Superintendent… Read more »

School Work That Matters

PBL:  Practice By Living* As part of the class debrief after the end-of-year project, one of my teachers had his students imagine what it will be like when they go to college and are tasked to work with a group of peers some of whom would never have previously done projects.  Our students marveled that… Read more »

Transformational Learning

Transformational Learning Communities “The School Reform Initiative creates transformational learning communities that are fiercely committed to educational equity and excellence” (see SRI What We Do).  The SRI Critical Friendship model for Professional Learning Communities (PLCs) is an integral part of the CITY Center for Collaborative Learning’s work with teachers, educational leaders, community partners, and school/district teams. (see… Read more »

Living in Beta: PBL and Technology

Immersed in the talk of technology at this year’s ISTE conference, I have been thinking a lot about the role technology plays in Project Based Learning. Technology is best taught and learned when a project task requires the specific function the technology offers. So, for example, I am motivated to learn the iMovie software when… Read more »

“The Soul Is Healed By Being With Children”

Surviving a Heart Attack On 4/15/16 I had a heart attack at Paulo Freire Freedom School – University, 30 minutes before dismissal on a Friday.  We made a decision to call 911 sooner than later so as not to create a huge disruption in the school day and I was able to get myself upstairs with the help… Read more »

Of Angel Island, Donald Trump, PBL and Moms

The week of March 14th was momentous for me – packed with an array of  divergent learning.  At my school, Paulo Freire Freedom School, it was our Intersession Week during which students spend 4 full days doing experiential learning, more often outside the school then in a classroom, on a topic about which they and their teachers are passionate…. Read more »

Magic in Learning

Our Morning Meetings are always informative, sometimes riveting. At least they are in my estimation; I have no hard data to back this up. For some, this may be a problem. Our educational system has become increasingly obsessed with accountability – asking schools for measureable outcomes to justify all time spent. This is a problem. Don’t… Read more »

Taking a Moment For a Little Kindness

A few years ago there was a lot written about the Slow Food Movement. Reacting against the fast food industry and eating on the run, Slow Food proponents urged the need to savor real food – its flavor of course, but also the effort that brought the food to one’s plate. I’m not sure why… Read more »