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Social Justice at Paulo Freire Freedom School

From the outset, both Paulo Freire Freedom Schools have professed a curricular focus on social justice and environmental sustainability.  When asked to elaborate on what that means we explain that it does not mean a separate course of study on either of those topics, but that they are themes of inquiry that are threaded throughout… Read more »

The Teachers Are Watching (or should be)

Wow! Who knew that the answer to the question of what to do with our schools lies with our students’ experience of those schools? Last week Grant Wiggins posted a blog written by an Instructional Coach who followed two students for two days and then wrote about it. Most notably she became aware of how… Read more »

Fall Break – Time For Sleeping and Exercise!

Fall Break is almost here and thank goodness.  Its been over two months since we started school and although it has been a great start, and while we have just completed an inspiring set of Intersessions, I know everyone is beyond ready for a week of rest and relaxation.  My words of wisdom to all… Read more »

PBL To Start A School

One of the questions I get when I help teachers think about how to incorporate project based learning (“PBL”) in their classrooms has to do with how to get started. Unless you are teaching in a school that has made a campus-wide commitment to PBL, it is likely that at the beginning of the year… Read more »

Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown Opens!

You only get a first day of a school once. So much preparation, hopes and dreams go into planning for a new school and the next thing you know you have kids skipping, shuffling, marching, dragging themselves through your doors like some sort of updated Breakfast Club montage. After 9 years with Paulo Freire Freedom… Read more »

Now Is The Time To Sleep (a little bit earlier)

School is just a couple of weeks away and if your young person is anything like my  two growing up, their summer sleeping habits have shifted later and later.  Rather than have them experience the shock to their system of getting up early for school, why not start now and try to retrain them to… Read more »

Advisories Are Essential

School is only a few weeks away so we will be sending home our advisory letters shortly.  Any student new to Paulo Freire Freedom School gets a letter from his/her advisor welcoming them to our school and scheduling a “get to know each other” meeting before school starts.  During that time advisors can answer questions, address concerns and it gives our families… Read more »

Living Below The Line

Live Below The Line This week three PFFSers (Carman, JoAnn, and Santo) participated in the “Live Below the Line” challenge where each of them did not spend more than $1.50/day for food in order to raise their own awareness of global poverty. We did this in conjunction with our end of year Gateway during which… Read more »

PBL For Life

I’m currently a candidate to become a member of the National Faculty of the Buck Institute for Education (BIE), the premier organization promoting project based learning (PBL) in schools. As a teacher I have fully embraced the benefits of PBL in my classroom. Done well, it inspires and engages students, teaches meaningful content in ways… Read more »

The Other Side of Intersession

In the Fall I wrote the praises of Intersession – why we do it, the amazing sites, quotes, experiences, memories that come with it.  Today, surrounded by sounds from Chicks  and Cops, I’m tempted to write another blog (I even came up with a title, “Death of a Peep”).  But I thought instead I would… Read more »