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Living Below The Line

Live Below The Line This week three PFFSers (Carman, JoAnn, and Santo) participated in the “Live Below the Line” challenge where each of them did not spend more than $1.50/day for food in order to raise their own awareness of global poverty. We did this in conjunction with our end of year Gateway during which… Read more »

PBL For Life

I’m currently a candidate to become a member of the National Faculty of the Buck Institute for Education (BIE), the premier organization promoting project based learning (PBL) in schools. As a teacher I have fully embraced the benefits of PBL in my classroom. Done well, it inspires and engages students, teaches meaningful content in ways… Read more »

The Other Side of Intersession

In the Fall I wrote the praises of Intersession – why we do it, the amazing sites, quotes, experiences, memories that come with it.  Today, surrounded by sounds from Chicks  and Cops, I’m tempted to write another blog (I even came up with a title, “Death of a Peep”).  But I thought instead I would… Read more »

Brazilians visit Paulo Freire

Brazilian Teachers Tour PFFS – Feb. 19  Every year I hear this statement in some form or another, “Paulo Freire.  I studied him in grad school.”  For those who don’t know, Paulo Freire was a Brazilian educator who worked with adult literacy and who wrote extensively about education.  In his most famous treatise, Pedagogy of… Read more »

Students Making Meaning

On Monday 2/17 my 8th grade Humanities class discussed the actions of the EXCOMM, President Kennedy’s elite circle of advisors during the Cuban Missile Crisis and reflected on how scary groupthink can be and how almost juvenile some of the advisors were acting.  In the middle of the conversation, one of my 8th graders had an… Read more »

Supporting Learning At Home

I spent my Winter Break not so much thinking about school, but instead thinking about raising kids, which comes from spending time with 2 grown up kids, 2 teenagers (one in college and one in high school), a toddler and a 2 newborns. Specifically, I’ve been reflecting on what were the things we have done… Read more »

The Thing About Grades

It’s that time of year – grades are due.  As we scramble to get our grading done, I thought it would be a good time to tackle this issue which really has so many dimensions to it that you could write a book about it, and in fact some people have – here are some… Read more »

Twitter: PD Pal

I try to be an early adopter of new social media.   I have a vivid memory of reading a NYTimes article about something called “MYSPACE” and then telling my middle school daughter that she should check this new thing out.  A few days later she came back to me and told me that that website… Read more »

Edscape 2013

  I’m going to admit it – this blog was born out of envy.  Last Saturday I virtually-attended the EdScape conference held at New Milford H.S. in N.J. The first time I did this was for the ASCD conference in March.  I got so much from the links and resources posted and the on-line conversations,… Read more »