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World of Words: A PFFSU Expedition

Adventures in place-based learning. By Tadeo Pfister. PFFS-U’s Expedition program provides learners, teachers andparent chaperones with exciting opportunities to engage thecommunity and the natural world around us. Through thisengagement, our learners develop leadership and outdooreducation skills that will serve them in the future. We will beexpanding our leadership and outdoor education program duringthe course of… Read more »

The Stories We Tell

To look at any thing, If you would know that thing, You must look at it long –John Moffitt For the past several weeks, PFFSU students at every grade levelhave been tasked with examining the richness of their ownfamily history and culture. Culture can be a slippery concepteven for adults. When asked whether they had… Read more »

Welcome [Back]

Thank you for choosing to spend another year as part of our learning community. We know that there are many questions about the coming school year and have attempted to answer some of the more pressing questions in the information provided below.  Our team looks forward to providing your children with dynamic, culturally responsive learning… Read more »

Enrollment Available at City High School

City High School is accepting enrollment for available spots this fall. You may complete an enrollment form for City High School here. City High School is an award-winning small high school that focuses on engaging, authentic, personalized learning with a focus on relationships and an understanding of place. Learn more about City High School’s programs,… Read more »

PFFS Still Accepting Enrollment for Fall

Both Paulo Freire Freedom School Downtown and Paulo Freire Freedom School University have open spots for students for fall enrollment. Our schools support the whole student through personalized, engaging, hands-on, rigorous, creative, joyful, and just community building and learning opportunities. Through small class sizes and powerful relationships, our teachers know all students and their families… Read more »

Intersession Redux

Our Intersession program is a favorite of all and something that sets us apart from everyone else. Like everything else, we have had to model creative problem-solving this year as we planned to make the week special, but safe. In the end, in addition to a variety of virtual experiences, we managed to offer a… Read more »