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A Demonstration Site/Lab School

“Paulo Freire Freedom School is a lab school/demonstration site for best instructional practices and small school design.”  This has been the purpose and mission of PFFS at the University Blvd location since its opening in August 2005 and continues to be its purpose and mission as we join with City High School and Paulo Freire… Read more »

Eighth Grade Portfolio Exhibitions 5/4/16

Our students graduate after having presented and defended successfully a portfolio of their work at PFFS. This is a significant part of their entire middle school experience and becomes the capstone demonstration of their learning at the end of the 8th grade. Portfolios are presented before individual panels of evaluators that include the student’s advisor, a secondary faculty member,… Read more »

The Labeling of Excellence

Paulo Freire Freedom School – University received an “A” rating from the state of Arizona this year!  I can’t say that we aren’t happy.  It is gratifying to have our hard work pay off, especially since in our case it represents working with a diverse population of students who come to us with a wide… Read more »

Still Openings for 6th Graders At PFFS-Downtown

We still have a few openings in our 6th grade at Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown.  If you know families who might be interested in enrolling, please let them know that it is very difficult to find an opening in the PFFS public middle schools after the 6th grade.  We currently have waiting lists in our… Read more »

2015-2016 PFFS Staff

We are hearing frequent reports of serious teacher shortages both nationally and locally.  See “Teacher Shortages Spur a Nationwide Hiring Scramble (Credentials Optional)” Aug. 9, 2015 and “Shortage Puts Uncertified Teachers in Arizona Classrooms”  Aug. 1, 2015.  This only deepens our appreciation for the two groups of teachers and support staff we have assembled at PFFS-Downtown and… Read more »

Project-Based Learning at PFFS

As you may know, students at both PFFS-University and PFFS-Downtown are fully engaged during these last weeks of school in the deep learning associated with interdisciplinary, project-based units of instruction.  Project-based learning (“PBL”) is an instructional methodology that asks students to engage in curriculum in a meaningful way and requires that they demonstrate not only… Read more »

Science at Paulo Freire Freedom School

Every year PFFS-University 8th graders have scored significantly higher on the AIMS Science assessment than their peers both in Tucson and in the state of Arizona.  This is the case because throughout our 10 years, we have always made the teaching and learning of science a priority.  Our students are in a Science class 325… Read more »

I AM NORM – Phoenix Conference

Over two dozen students from both PFFS campuses attended the I AM NORM Youth Summit in Phoenix, Arizona on Friday 2/6/15.   This conference is part of a youth-led movement that seeks to promote inclusion and embrace the diversity of the human race.  We are excited to have these students return and be ambassadors for the… Read more »

Importance of Attendance

It is critical that your young person attends school every day when they are not sick.  Our teachers design units of instruction with powerful themes and essential questions that span multiple weeks; connecting and integrating multi-day learning activities.  Even missing one day can place a student at a disadvantage.  Missing multiple days will make success at… Read more »

Monday and Thursday Burritos

For eight years now Sandra Ortega has been making fresh burritos and empanadas for PFFS-University students and staff that are sold during lunch time on Mondays and Thursdays at very reasonable prices (see below).  If you ever are finding it hard to get your young person out the door ready for school and with their lunch… Read more »