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The Labeling of Excellence

Paulo Freire Freedom School – University received an “A” rating from the state of Arizona this year!  I can’t say that we aren’t happy.  It is gratifying to have our hard work pay off, especially since in our case it represents working with a diverse population of students who come to us with a wide… Read more »

Still Openings for 6th Graders At PFFS-Downtown

We still have a few openings in our 6th grade at Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown.  If you know families who might be interested in enrolling, please let them know that it is very difficult to find an opening in the PFFS public middle schools after the 6th grade.  We currently have waiting lists in our… Read more »

We Are Public Schools

Paulo Freire Freedom School (both at the University and Downtown locations) are Tucson public schools that are demonstration sites/lab schools for best instructional practices and small school design.  We are not part of the Tucson Unified School District, within which we are physically located, but we are Tucson public schools nonetheless. In the debate about the future of K-12 education… Read more »

Enrollment Update for PFFS-U and PFFS-D

The ‘Open Enrollment’ period for Paulo Freire Freedom School – University and the new Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown closed on March 15.  A random lottery was conducted shortly after March 15th to fill all openings at each grade level for next year where the number of enrollment applications was greater than the number of openings…. Read more »

Monday and Thursday Burritos

For eight years now Sandra Ortega has been making fresh burritos and empanadas for PFFS-University students and staff that are sold during lunch time on Mondays and Thursdays at very reasonable prices (see below).  If you ever are finding it hard to get your young person out the door ready for school and with their lunch… Read more »

Portfolios Are Finished!

Last Wednesday was a whirlwind of activity as the 8th graders proudly presented their work to panels consisting of teachers, parents and peers.  Most passed on their first time.  A few had to do some follow up work to bring their presentations to a proficient level – a requirement for our graduation.  We were so… Read more »

Summer is coming!

Summer is quickly approaching and we want to share several tips for a happy, healthy summer. First, camp.  If you are in town and can afford it (and even if you can’t – many camps have scholarships), summer camps are a great way for students to stay active, learn a new skill, make friends,  stay… Read more »

6/7 Humanities-Science Gateway

6/7 Gateway will explore the concept of systems on multiple levels. They will consider how systems work within human bodies and social structures as they investigate health problems and come up with solutions for these problems. Groups will focus on a number of regions in Latin America and model their understanding with physical, written and… Read more »

Prescott College Students Visit PFFS 4/24

On Thursday morning 4/24 professors Anita Fernandez (Director of the Prescott College ‘Tucson Center‘ and parent of PFFS 7th grader) and Sean Arce (Director of the TUSD’ ‘Mexican American Studies Department’ before it was shut down in 2012) brought the entire Prescott College ‘Social Justice Education Semester’ student cohort to Paulo Freire Freedom School –… Read more »

UA Dept of Linguistics at PPFS

On Wednesday 4/17 we were graced to experience a presentation by engaging and expert linguists from the University of Arizona’s nationally regarded Linguistics program. All students learned and participated in activities on topics including baby babble, the Tohono O’odham and Mutsun American Indian languages, Arabic, interpreting ancient hieroglyphs, and the rapid extinction of languages around the… Read more »