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Enrollment at PFFS-University and PFFS-Downtown

The ‘Open Enrollment’ period for Paulo Freire Freedom School – University and the new Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown closed on March 15.  A random lottery was conducted shortly after March 15th to fill all openings at each grade level for next year where the number of enrollment applications was greater than the number of openings…. Read more »

National Poetry Month

April is National Poetry Month and to celebrate we have been sharing some of our favorite poems in Kiva.  Already we have enjoyed poems from Langston Hughes, Carl Sandberg, Emily Dickinson and Shel Silverstein.  We even watched a dramatic interpretation of “Casey At Bat” in honor of baseball season.  Please feel free to send any… Read more »

PFFS and Standardized Testing

AIMs, Common Core, PARCC – these are polarizing components of the educational scene that politicians, lobbyists, for profit textbook and testing companies, teachers’ unions and parent organizations fight about often and loudly.  So I thought I would take a minute to share our position on all of this. We understand and agree with many of… Read more »

Spring Intersession 2014 – In The Bag

This semester I got to be the responsible adult holding down the fort at the school watching the comings and goings during Intersession. It was fun to catch snippets of conversations and the enthusiastic, often exhausted, reporting out by student and teacher alike.  Here is a sample: Rosemary being enormously proud to see her kids… Read more »

Teacher Planning / Spring 2014 Intersession

School is not in session for students today (3/7) so that PFFS-University staff can wrap up their assessments of 3rd Quarter student work and put the final touches on their planning for next week’s Intersession.  In the afternoon we will join the City High School staff to look closely together at teacher work stemming from the ‘problem… Read more »

Titan Missile Center

Our 8th graders’ visit to the Titan Missile Center on Monday (3/3) was directly connected to the Cold War unit they are studying in Humanities and reviewed physics and chemistry content they had learned earlier in the year. For those who have not yet toured the site, which is located in Sahuarita, the silo became… Read more »

Students Making Meaning

On Monday 2/17 my 8th grade Humanities class discussed the actions of the EXCOMM, President Kennedy’s elite circle of advisors during the Cuban Missile Crisis and reflected on how scary groupthink can be and how almost juvenile some of the advisors were acting.  In the middle of the conversation, one of my 8th graders had an… Read more »

Presidents Day

We may be in school on Presidents Day 2/17 but our presidents did not go unremembered.  During our morning KIVA JoAnn led the entire school in a spirited game of ‘Presidential Trivia’.  Students in their advisory groups collaborated to come up with the right answers to questions like: * Name the tallest, the shortest, and the… Read more »

Making the Best of a Power Outage

On Wednesday 2/12  the power in our neighborhood went out for approximately 30 minutes.  We are glad to report that our students were great, taking the darkness in stride.  Rather than attempt to teach in relative darkness the whole school got a spontaneous park outing where they launched into a school wide game of “Infection.”… Read more »

Spanish Immersion Day

We started a new tradition at PFFS today 2/7 to highlight the joy of learning Spanish.  All advisories rotated through six Spanish games and points were taken off for lapses into English.  Felicidades a Seth’s advisory – winners of the Nachos Fiesta!  Thanks to the Spanish team for arranging a great day!