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Student “Speak” Out for Action on Climate Change

On Wednesday some of our students joined the ‪#‎ClimateSilenceNow‬ Day and were silent for an hour or day in an effort to encourage policy makers to encourage action on climate change. We followed up on Thursday by starting the day in Morning Meeting with a video of President Obama advocating for international action in front of the… Read more »

PFFS – Downtown Dragons!

It’s official.  The student body and staff voted and we are now the Dragons.  We are  happy to join our Platypus and Narwhal cousins!  We are having fun appreciating the diversity of Dragons that exist in literature, film and lore.  Here is one student’s rendition, a striking resemblance to our PFFS logo!

PFFS-D Parent Volunteers Needed For Tax Credit Campaign

We are looking for parents to host our  Tax Credit Table for one hour during the Dec. 15-18 week.  Time slots are  from 8:15-9:15 a.m.  or in the afternoon from 3:15-4:15 p.m.  Hand out treats and encourage donations. Help us pay for our Intersessions and Field Experiences! Email Steph at to volunteer!

Prospective PFFS Parents/Students: School Tours

The Open Enrollment period for the 2015-2016 school year will officially begin on January 1, however, we are currently accepting enrollment applications for both schools (go to Enroll PFFS-Downtown  and/or Enroll PFFS-University to enroll).  Prospective PFFS parents/students, if you are thinking about enrolling for next year, we offer monthly, school tours/presentations.  Here are the dates/times for upcoming… Read more »

Tax Credit Contributions Also Support Expedition Programming

On November 21st we shared how your AZ Tax Credit contributions are used to support the PFFS ‘Fall and Spring Intersession’ programming at both the Downtown and University locations.  This week (as we begin the last month of our Tax Credit campaigns at each of our schools) – we would like to share about our regular out-of-building, field experiences… Read more »

Tax Credit Contributions Make PFFS Intersessions Possible

For each dollar you give to the 2014 PFFS Tax Credit Campaigns at the Downtown or the University locations – you will get that amount back on your 2014 AZ tax return (up to $200 for individuals and $400 for couples filing jointly) when you file your tax return.   On a dollar-for-dollar basis the taxes you owe… Read more »

PFFS and CHS Host National Conference in Tucson

Paulo Freire Freedom School and City High School are hosting the national ‘Winter Meeting’ of the School Reform Initiative (SRI) on January 15-17, 2015.  SRI is “the premier source for materials, resources, and professional development related to Critical Friendship, Facilitative Leadership, and Collaborative Learning. (They) support educators to address issues of educational equity and excellence for all… Read more »

Community Food Bank Canned Food Drive

Both Paulo Freire schools and City High School will be conducting a canned food drive for the Community Food Bank of Southern Arizona next week in advance of the holidays.  Please remember to bring some cans to the front office to help other families in need.

PFFS on Facebook

Remember that PFFS-Downtown and PFFS-University both have public school sites on Facebook; please take a moment to click on these links and like us. Also, for members of the Downtown and University PFFS communities (past and present students, parents, and staff) we manage a closed Facebook group for each of the schools (click the links below)…. Read more »