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The Importance of Sleep

In honor of Dr. Suess’ birthday and sleep in general, we read “The Sleep Book” in Literacy and had a little time for napping.  Additionally, in Kiva we watched part of a Ted Talk on what neuroscience tells us about sleep and the brain.  Tomorrow we will finish the video and discuss strategies to help… Read more »

Titan Missile Center – Monday, March 3

On Monday the 8th graders will be going to the Titan Missile Center located in Green Valley.  It promises to be a fantastic expedition, directly related to what they are learning in their Cold War Unit in Humanities.  We will be leaving from the school PROMPTLY at 8:30 so please make sure they are on… Read more »

Intersession Groups Meet / Receive Materials

Today (Tues 2/25) during an extended KIVA our students were given their Spring 2014 Intersession assignments and then went off to meet with their Intersession groups.  In those groups the Intersession facilitator(s) gave each young person a letter to be taken home describing: the Intersession experience, the goals and expectations for the participants, and fees… Read more »

Rodeo Days Come to PFFS

The rodeo came early for our students this morning 2/19, as their teachers arrived to school and to morning KIVA in rodeo attire.  Paulo Freire Freedom School – University will not be in session Thursday and Friday 2/20-21 for ‘Rodeo Days’ in Tucson.

P.E. = Sneakers & Water Bottles

Now that the weather is getting warmer, a gentle reminder to have your young person always wear closed-toe shoes on Fridays for PE and Expeditions, on Wednesdays for Active Lunch, and on days when they have a PE Elective.  EVERYDAY  they must bring to school a water bottle (we have water bottles here on sale… Read more »

School Store

School Store   This year Carman and her entrepreneurial 7th graders have started the PFFS school store.  It has morphed over the course of the year depending on the desires of students and the supervision/management challenges.  What we have ended up with is the following: The School Store will be open every Wednesday at lunch… Read more »

Enrollment for Next Year

Open Enrollment for both Paulo Freire Freedom School – University and Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown is underway right now!  If you are currently attending 6th or 7th grade at PFFS-University and you plan to return next year – you must enroll at PFFS-University Enrollment.  Open enrollment ends on March 15th.  At that time, a lottery… Read more »