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PFFS-University ‘AfterSchool’ Program

The PFFS-University  ‘AfterSchool’ program is provided  on Mon, Tues, Thurs, and Fri throughout the school year.  AfterSchool is a fee-based program (however, there is financial assistance available) for PFFS-U students who have been signed-up in advance by their parents.  Please use the AfterSchool Form to sign-up your young person.  We charge for AfterSchool by the day, by semester… Read more »

Making the Best of a Power Outage

On Wednesday 2/12  the power in our neighborhood went out for approximately 30 minutes.  We are glad to report that our students were great, taking the darkness in stride.  Rather than attempt to teach in relative darkness the whole school got a spontaneous park outing where they launched into a school wide game of “Infection.”… Read more »

Spanish Immersion Day

We started a new tradition at PFFS today 2/7 to highlight the joy of learning Spanish.  All advisories rotated through six Spanish games and points were taken off for lapses into English.  Felicidades a Seth’s advisory – winners of the Nachos Fiesta!  Thanks to the Spanish team for arranging a great day! 

8th Grade Showcase

On Wednesday 2/5 our 8th graders had a double header first participating in a Science Fair to highlight their experiments followed by a dramatic reading of The Crucible.    The science experiments covered a range of topics including genetics to volcanos to product analysis.  All 8th graders are in the process of writing a character… Read more »