Fall 2014 Intersession

September 29-October 3


Music History and PerformanceUntitled

Learn about the history of music with a trip to the Musical Instrument Museum in Phoenix.  Listen to and learn about American Roots Music from Conjunto/Tejano music of the Southwest, traditional Appalachian Ballads and Blues of the South, and the birth of Jazz in New Orleans.  Make your own musical instruments and use them to create and perform music, culminating in a musical performance and recording of your work at the end of the week.

Eat With Your Hands10402713_863310423694181_3676645032851713364_n (2)

When it comes to food, is Safeway the only option?  Heck no!  In this intersession, we will explore alternative ways people access food, getting our hands as dirty as possible in the process.  We will discover (and contribute to) the sweat, love, and creativity that go into feeding our community from farms to food banks, and we’ll reflect on the beauty of that process.  If food, art, good people, and a little manual labor get you going, then this intersession is for you!

The Law!IMG_0635 

Experience a whirlwind survey of what it is like to practice law.  Talk with lawyers about their practice.  Attend real life trials at the courthouse.  Watch famous movie trial scenes and then practice your own skills in a mock trial.  Argue freedom of speech cases.  Visit with law students at the UofA Law School.  Read 12 Angry Men, a fabulous play about what it is like to be on a jury.


UA SkySchool05

This intersession will take a group of students to the top of Mt. Lemmon for a 4-day, 3-night learning experience.  By day we will study the biology, geology, and ecology of the sky island ecosystems of the upper Santa Catalina mountains.  By night we will have use of large, professional telescopes to study astronomy by peering deep into space.  Students will work in small teams headed by UA graduate students to create their own inquiry research project.  We will stay at an elevation of 9000’ in dorms formerly used by visiting astronomers.  Food will be provided dining hall style.


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