Spring 2015 Intersession

March 9-13


Lights… Camera… PUPPETS! P3

We will be walking each day to a professional puppet studio (Puppets Amongus) to learn all about puppets from a real live puppeteer! You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, as you learn the background of puppetry, story building, puppet and prop construction, performance P7techniques, and tech skills like lights and sound. By the end of the week, we will have created our own puppet show – complete with live music – around themes of social justice and environmental sustainability. We’ll present our mind-blowing puppet production to a live audience in the community at large. Also, as any good artist knows – you can’t P5make art all week long without a PIZZA PARTY to nourish your creativity!




Masterminds of Fun


Be prepared to give those brains of yours a work out as well explore a variety of board games that require mental acuity.  We will play games such as Go, Settlers of Catan, Risk, Allies and Axis, Ticket To Ride and more.  We will benefit from a chess lesson from one of Tucson’s premier chess coaches – the coach of a former Junior World Champion. On occasion, and to get up and move our bodies, we will juggle (with a bona fide member of the Tucson Juggling Society) and hacky sack.  Just to mix things up we will sometimes go to the Maker House and even take a visit to Amazing Discoveries where the real gamers play!

IMG_1272 IMG_1318

Archer’s CampDSC_0492

How do you shoot a bow safely and accurately?  How do you camp with a large group without wrecking a spot?  How do you cook delicious food outside?  How do you poop in the woods?  We will spend a day learning about low-impact camping, camp craft, and archery safety.  We’ll study archery technique, and start construction of our PVC bows.  On Tuesday-Thursday we will camp out, work on our bows, check-out on range safety, and refine our technique as archers.  When we return, we will present what we learned and show off our perfectly tillered bows.  Every student will be required to bring eye protection.

IMG_1264 DSC_0470


Adventures in PerspectiveDSCF2875

How do you see the world? What does it look like to challenge your physical boundaries? Your creative boundaries? You’ll have a chance to do both while discovering new and different DSCF2855ways to look at the seemingly ordinary place we call home. We will be outside exploring the mountains and arroyos in and around Tucson and looking inside to explore new ways of expressing our discoveries. We will climb (small) mountains, look down from high heights at Rocks and Ropes, and get down close and personal with our tiny, but important, neighbors. From these experiences we will create lots of awesome art and fun memories!