Spring 2016 Intersession

March 14-18


ART Animalz – DIY Fashionz – Stephanie O’Halloran

20160315_143851 (2)Do you like animals, art, and fashion? Well if you do, come join the fun and get craftacular learning how to make animal-inspired DIY fashions out of recycled clothes and fabrics! We’ll visit the Reid Park Zoo for inspiration, taking photos and making drawings of animals that we’ll use to create our original designs. Then, we’ll visit Tanline Printing, a professional silk screen printing studio, where we’ll print our designs on t-shirts and make wood block prints on fabric to use in our creations. Next, after meeting some amazing and talented local designers and touring their shops, we’ll take what we’ve learned about DIY and upcycled fashions to create our own original, ANIMALTASTIC designs! We’ll finish the week by presenting our creations to the school in a freaky fun fashion show!

In the Footsteps of Cochise – Marcus Whitaker

IMG_3801This intersession is for students who enjoy hiking and exploring wilderness.  This is 4 day backpacking experience through the Dragoon Mountains, is a diverse wonderland of discovery, due to the convergence of ecosystems associated with climate and geology. The Dragoon’s storied past, related to the SW Indian Wars provide an epic backdrop to this land. We will be traveling with local wilderness skills expert Geneva Hicks who will teach us some of the skills used by Cochise and the Chiricahua back when they were hiding out in the Stronghold back in the 1870’s.   On this Intersession you will learn how to lead a group hike in the wilderness, carrying your own backpack, pitch a tent, make a fire, use a map and compass, and identify and use medicinal and edible plants.

Kitchen Confidential – Patrick Kelly

IIMG_1177n this intersession our goal will be to visit restaurants around downtown Tucson and learn about the front of the house, the back of the house, how kitchens work, where restaurants source their foods, and maybe even observe some chefs in action. Students will be taught culinary and business concepts and will have instruction around how to conduct interviews.  There is also likely some really yummy food that will be tasted!

Packs to Pools – Seth Smith & Ariane Mohr-Felsen

File_003(3)Join us for an intersession far and away from our PFFS Downtown and University dwellings. Yes, you read right, our campuses are joining forces to take on the trail! We’ll be heading out to the Catalinas for a three-day, two-night backpacking trek! We will pitch our tents close to Romero Pools and spend our time in the field doing a bit of botany, a bit of teambuilding, and, of course, a whole lot of cooking, water fun, and general enjoying-being-outsiding. No gear? No experience? No problem. You bring the gumption, we’ll bring the gear and the know-how. So lace up your shoes, gather your grit, and join us for this joint Intersession of route-roaming and friend-forming!

Trek Through Film History – Joe Boehm

IMG_2541How did cinema become a dominant vehicle for story telling in our culture?  In this intersession, we will examine the history of film, from the first silent film to use a panning shot, through German Expressionism, Film Noir, to sci-fi special effects.  Why are some movies called “great films”?  How have technological limitations, and successes in overcoming them, influenced how we tell stories with movies?  To avoid risk of transforming into couch potatoes, much of our discussions will take place on hikes and urban walks that will be interspersed with screenings of films and film excerpts.  If you just want to veg out and watch movies, this probably is not the intersession for you. If you love the art and magic of cinema and want to learn more about it, this could be a blockbuster.

IMG_2528Youth on the Airwaves – Debbie Barca & Caitlin Dean

Do you enjoy listening to a good yarn? Are you interested in telling other people stories? This intersession will let you get to grips with the craft of storytelling and how to edit and create your own podcast or story for the radio. We will be getting out into the community to find our own stories to tell and we will spend time on learning how to edit and produce something that could potentially be aired on the radio or a podcast. We will also take time to meet some local journalists and find out what it takes to tell other people’s stories.


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