Spring 2017 Intersession

March 13-17

Car Care and Maintenance  Marcus Whitaker

This intersession is for anyone who wants to learn how to save and make $$$ maintaining and working on cars. You will learn how to assess the basic condition of a vehicle, decide what needs to be repaired and perform all kinds of basic maintenance and simple repairs. You will also learn how to buy and sell a used vehicle. We will be working with and learning from professional mechanics and will be getting a little dirty every day. By the end of the week you will be able to save your family and friends real $$$ by helping them keep up to date with maintenance and basic repairs on their vehicles.

Design Challenge  Patrick Kelly
Do you have a favorite room? Do you have a friend whose room is sooooo cool to hang out in? Why do some spaces make us feel warm, confortable, and thoughtful while other spaces make us want to dance, jump around or just spazz out? How much control do we have over our environment? What can we do to change our space, to make it more like us? In this Intersession we will meet designers- people whose joy in life is to make us want to look, sit in, and live in inspiring spaces. We will learn what make some spaces work and others not so much. We will design and create spaces for the public and for our selves.


Dragon of all Trades  Seth Smith
What is it? You know – it. That thing in your house that you have a little trick for because it broke a while ago, and you haven’t gotten a new one. Take a second and picture it in your head. How does it work? What would it look like if you took it apart? Can you fix it? How? Or maybe it’s not something broken. Maybe there’s that one room in your house that just needs a little more storage. What would work? A shelf? A cabinet? And now that we’re thinking about things, How do I put French doors leading out from my bedroom to a terrace complete with grape arbors and chaise lounges? All of these questions, except one, can be answered with just some basic home maintenance know-how. We’ll cover the tools, techniques, and know-how you need to be handy in most situations. Find out how to be your own Dragon of all Trades.

Equestrian Days Deborah Barca
Do you like horses? Do you like spending time outside? During this intersession you will work with an Arizona family that has been owning and training horses for generations. Come join us in learning how to tame these gentle giants out on the ranch. Although the work is not easy and will leave you a bit dusty at the end of the day, it is a great opportunity to better understand the ranching, roping, and riding traditions of the Southwest. It won’t be easy but it’s a good opportunity for amazing things.

Meet Yer Brains!  Kathy Moore

“You’re in charge of your mind. You can help it grow by using it in the right way.” ~ Carol Dweck. Having a growth mindset means believing that your brain can change and grow, that you can get better at learning. But what can we do to make those changes happen? Join us for a week of exploring the human brain! Learn about the form and function of the different parts of your brain and the unique qualities of your neurons and how they communicate. We’ll investigate the latest research on how your brain learns new information and develops new skills. Then we’ll practice many activities and strategies for making your brain learn better, faster, and smarter. We’ll meet some experts in the field of neurology and pick their brains about how our brains work and what we can do to make our brains work better. By the end of the week, our brains will be different! Our demonstration of learning for this intersession will include recommendations and demonstrations of activities and strategies that we can incorporate into our school’s schedule and curriculum to help our brains keep growing.

Walking. Thinking – A Peripatetic Exploration of Hiking, Literature, and Meditation  Joe Boehm
Hiking in March in southern Arizona is AWESOME! We’ll do it every day of this intersession. We’ll also look into the question of why so many philosophers, artists, and leaders have extolled the virtues of walking to clear your head, stimulate creativity, and find inspiration. We will look at some choice selections of prose and poetry, and do some writing of our own. We will read some stories out loud in the prestigious lecture halls of Tucson’s mountains and deserts. If we are lucky, birds, reptiles, insects, and mammals may join our conversations. Our hikes will be easy to moderate, leading up to a solid hike of Wasson Peak, the highest point in the Tucson Mountains. Many delicious ideas, walks, and snacks will be shared.