Spring 2018 Intersession

March 12-16, 2018

Coming Down the Mountain (Joe) It would take months to walk from Oregon to Arizona, but because of the magical Sky Island diversity of the Catalina Mountains, we can go from a pine forest biome to the Sonoran desert on our feet in just a few days.  Along the way, we’ll learn how to pack and carry all we need to be safe, warm, well fed, and prepared for fun.  After learning how to prepare for a backpacking trip, we’ll spend 3 days and two nights working our way down Mt Lemmon.  No experience or gear is needed, but you do need to be able to carry your pack for 3-4 hours (with plenty of rests) throughout a day. 

Fashion Forward (Claire and Celina)  What we choose to wear every morning can be an exciting and fun way of expressing our creativity and presenting our unique selves to the world! In this intersession we will explore creative self-expression through clothing while mindfully examining the impact that some clothing companies have on the environment and the individuals that make those clothes. We will have the opportunity to shop at thrift stores, meet local Tucson designers and learn some sewing basics. If you want to dig the world of fashion globally, locally and have fun w/ your own personal style then this is the intersession for you!

Finding Art (Patrick)  What is the life of an artwork like?  What happens when an artwork starts to live out in the world? Where does it go, who does it touch? Al art begins as an idea or a concept in the artist’s mind. From there it moves into the artist’s hand, or eye, or mouth, or body. Through practice, repetition, trial and error, or experimentation, the art forms and begins to exist outside of the artist. We are art detectives, and we will find the art. We will search art studios, art galleries and museums, and around downtown Tucson. We will look for art in places most people don’t think art lives. Does the artwork tell a story? What does it tell us about the artist? our community? ourselves?

Home Cooking at School (Misa) – Do you have favorite foods at home that your family makes? Do you enjoy cooking, mixing, and experimenting? If so, join me for a fun week of cooking and exploring food! We will be shopping, baking, and eating. As well as recording our recipes, exploring the kitchen, and the grocery store to find amazing foods!  Bring your family recipes, share your ideas, enjoy the food your classmates grow up with.

Saving Stories:  Tracing Family History (Debbie)  Explore your family history and find lost stories. If you’ve wondered how you can find out about your family tree, this is the place to trace!  You will learn how to use Ancestry.com to learn who came long before you. Your ancestors will ‘thank’ you as you discover who they were through their birth records, immigration records, census records, and more. Since no family history can exist without food, throughout the week we will learn about (and eat!!)  different foods such as those our relatives also enjoyed. Finally, you will create your own artifact by extracting and saving your own DNA.

Saddle to Summit (Seth)  The highest point of attainment or aspiration. To summit: to reach the highest point of aspiration. For all of you who aspire, who push, who reach for those highest points. We’ll spend 3 nights/2 days in the Santa Ritas, immersing ourselves in the beauty of our Sky Islands and reconnecting with the natural world. Whilst in the majestic outdoors we will hone our naturalist identification skills, utilize Leave No Trace practices, and work together to cook our own food and maintain our campsite. We will use what we learn on a grand hike, supporting each other to summit Mt. Wrightston. Get ready for an intersession where you push yourself to higher places.


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