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2017 AZ Tax Credit Program

“Fire Up The Dragon”

Downtown Logo FlippedDowntown LogoArizona residents have the opportunity again this year to financially support a local school of their choice and receive a tax credit for their donation.  Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown is looking forward to tax credit funds enhancing the school’s arts and fitness classes, after-school activities, and Intersession program.  We are especially interested in making sure that no student is denied any educative experience based on financial need.  Thus, monies donated first go for student activity scholarships.  Once that need is met, extra revenue is used to allow all students to enjoy enrichment opportunities.

Print and mail with your contribution or use the ‘Donate’ link to make your donation online.


Tax Credit Basics

Arizona law allows taxpayers to contribute to schools ($200 for an individual and $400 for married couples) and receive a tax credit for the donation.  A tax credit is a dollar-for-dollar reduction of the taxes one owes to the state.  If, for example, a family owes $300 in taxes to the Arizona Department of Revenue and they make a $250 tax credit contribution to PFFS before December 31, the family’s tax bill decreases to $50.  All Arizona taxpayers are able to take advantage of the school tax credit option, whether or not they have children in the school system.

Funding Extracurricular Activities

As a public charter school, PFFS can use tax credit funds to support extracurricular activities.  The state defines extracurricular as any educational or recreational activities that supplement the educational program of the school and require a fee to participate.  As you know, we offer all field opportunities (field trips, Intersession and Expeditions) to all students regardless of their ability to pay.  Tax Credit revenue allows us to keep offering these amazing experiences that are such a critical part of our educational program.    Tax credit donations also support the after-school program.

Supporting Character Education and Service Learning

Tax credit funds can also be used for character education programs.  Our service learning program (offered through Expeditions and Advisories) builds character and fosters civic engagement.  The state of Arizona defines character education as instruction that incorporates traits such as responsibility, diligence, respect, trustworthiness, and virtue; our service learning program aligns with this definition.  With tax credit donations, students participate in more field trips increasing students’ opportunities for learning outside the school walls and ensure that their projects have a greater impact on the community. Thank you for supporting Paulo Freire Freedom School!  We so appreciate your assistance!

Downtown LogoOur students (Go Dragons!) get involved in the campaign through their Advisories.  When an adult makes a contribution to PFFS-Downtown as a Tax Credit contribution they can designate that their contribution be attributed to a particular student’s Advisory.  Advisories get awards/prizes for both the number of contributions collected in the Advisory’s name and the amount of money collected in the name of their Advisory.  There will also be school-wide prizes awarded at each school for the total amount collected. Thank you for supporting Paulo Freire Freedom School – Downtown!  We so appreciate your assistance!  “Fire Up The Dragon!”

Print and mail with your contribution or use the ‘Donate’ link below to make your donation online.