Vanessa Savel

Vanessa teaches Spanish at Paulo Freire Freedom School. Vanessa is passionate about critical pedagogy and Spanish language pedagogy. She received a Masters of Teaching, Spanish from NAU in 2022. She chose Paulo because she resonates with co-creating knowledge between students and educators, centering lived experiences, and partaking in active inquiry and learning within the community…. Read more »

Brendon Kenney

My name is Brendon Kenney and I am excited to return to Paulo Freire FreedomSchool! My academic passion is in Humanities, with focuses in Philosophy, Religion, and Anthropology. I have taught at the elementary, middle, and high school levels in several areas including outdoor electives, special education, and humanities. I have also worked with youth… Read more »

Hozhodesbah LoneTree

I’m super excited to begin my first year here at PFFS. I was born in Flagstaff and was raised between there and the Navajo Reservation. I am mostly Navajo, but I am also Ho-Chunk, Sac and Fox, Rosebud Sioux, and Potawatomi. I have many interests and hobbies but chief among them are basketball, writing, reading,… Read more »

Lin Lucas

A native of the District of Columbia, I was five years old when I first saw Superman. He was flying across the front of my lunch box, swooping around the back to break up a nefarious gang, slipping along the narrow side to change into a person that no one would think twice about. Right… Read more »

Adrian Provenzano

Adrian c0-teaches the Humanities classes at PFFSU.  She is also an advisor. Adrian’s personal bio is coming soon.

Tadeo Pfister

I was born and raised in Nogales, Arizona along the US/Mexico border and learned to speak Spanish at a very early age. I spent much of my youth working at my dad’s animal hospital and visiting Nogales, Sonora with my Nana. I moved to Bahia de Kino, Sonora, Mexico in 1991 where I spent the… Read more »