Abigail Wolfset

This will be my first year at PFFS as the Humanities teacher, and I couldn’t be more excited!

I grew up in North Carolina where I spent my days reading anything could get my hands on and writing when I ran out of books. I came to Arizona for college and fell in love, after having read all the Louis L’amour novels in my father’s collection it was amazing to actually see the landscapes he had described so wonderfully. I was not the girl who knew she would become a teacher; I just knew I must to be around the written word and learning. I discovered my passion for teaching while working towards my Master’s in Education in 2013. During the five months immersed in student teaching, I discovered that those who I teach inspire me just as much as my actual content and I knew I had found my calling. Having taught high school English for the past five years I am thrilled to get to push myself as an educator and human by incorporating Social Studies. Being homeschooled until I went to college, I fell naturally into Project Based Learning around year two of teaching, and I can’t express my excitement to be a part of a community of teachers and students who are into it as well!

I’m often asked why I teach, especially since I “didn’t go to school”. Truth is, I don’t actually see myself as a teacher, but as a coach and as a learner along side my kids. There are so many opportunities in this world to learn and grow, intellectually, but also as human being who has a responsibility to the whole of society to be their true best, and learning along the way just how amazing that can be.

When not at school, I can be found in the gym, cooking with my husband, trying to convince our dog to cuddle, immersed in an audio book, or laying in on the couch refusing to move until it’s socially acceptable to go to sleep.