Carman Ryken

Carman Ryken
My name is Carman Ryken,  and I have always had so many passions in life that it is hard to name them all.
I love to eat and cook new foods, travel to new places, and especially learn new things!  A few of the fun things I have learned in my life include dancing, sewing, knitting, tennis, rock climbing, volleyball, Algebra, Calculus, French, gardening and costume making.  I am still learning in all these areas, and I don’t claim to be an expert at most, but I really enjoy them all.
I am an expert at Algebra. I was a high school Algebra and Algebra 2 teacher for six years in California.  I always loved math since I was a little kid,  but although I always earned good grades, it didn’t always come easily to me: I had to work at it like a puzzle (I also like puzzles).  I believe that math can be enjoyable for all students,  but I know that it can also be challenging. The trick is to find your way into each problem and work away at it until it is solved.   I am very excited to teach the seventh and eighth grade math classes at PFFS.  Also,  I love math jokes!
I grew up in Berkeley, California and lived in the San Francisco Bay area until I moved to Tucson in 2009.  I live with my husband who is also an educator, my two kids Rhea and Nate, and our two cats.  My family and I love to travel.  I have been very lucky that I have had opportunities to travel to the East Coast, Mexico, Costa Rica, Honduras, England, Spain, Italy, Greece and France.
In Tucson before working full time at PFFS, I had been working on a organic, biodynamic farm on River Road, and I have learned a great deal about growing and eating vegetables. Besides teaching math and farming,  I have also been a Volleyball coach, a French teacher, a costume maker, and of course a Mom.  I told you I liked a lot of different things!
I am so excited to be a part of the community here at PFFS.  I am really looking forward to learning many new things with my colleagues and students this year.