Gabriella (Gaby) Gutierrez

Gaby Gutierrez

Hello there! My name is Gaby Gutierrez and I teach 6/7 Humanities at PFFS. I am excited to be back for another great year.

I have lived in Tucson for most of my life and have grown to really like it here, especially during monsoon season. I am a University of Arizona alumna and long time wildcats fan–BEAR DOWN!

During my time in college, I learned not only how to develop as a writer and critical thinker, but also about the importance of learning from the experiences and perspectives of others.

I am fascinated by stories and the power of words. In class we will be using our words to embrace diversity, fuel our curiosity, tell our stories, and learn about stories and voices of communities close and far from home.

When I am not in the classroom leading the 6/7 Humanities class, supporting the 8th grade Humanities, leading an advisory, or doing other teacher-y things, I can be found hanging out with my family, watching movies, laughing at puns, or dancing with my niece.

I look forward to a fun and enriching time together!